Updating the Stewartry Roll of Honour

Examples of original entries

The Stewartry Roll of Honour was arranged in alphabetical order with the following subdivisions: Officers, NCOs, Privates, and Women. A few examples of some original Auchencairn-related entries are shown below (William Greggan was raised on Rascarrel Farm and educated at Auchencairn Public School). The examples used are broadly representative of the entries found throughout the book.

original entries

Updated and restyled examples

As stated on the Stewartry Roll of Honour Project page, the updated version will display a more consistent treatment of service details and, in the cases of those who died as a result of their war service, additional burial and commemoration information will be given. The individuals will be listed in alphabetical order. Where found, photographs are a great addition to the entries.

Principal additions/changes made to the example entries:

Two of the photographs used in these examples were found in the local press. A few points to note about newspaper photographs:

Manipulating images for publication is much easier and quicker when working from a digital copy of the original print, e.g., the photograph of L/Cpl Robert Burgess was supplied by a relative of the deceased and took a fraction of the time to adjust to publication standard.

Regimental numbers
Determining service numbers can range from the very straightforward to downright impossible, but most fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

How you can help

Following on from the above, the two main areas in which your help would be most appreciated are the forwarding of copies of original photographs and determining service numbers.

There are a number of possible sources for finding service numbers:

If you are able to help then please use the contact form to get in touch. Thank you very much for your help.