Wigtownshire men who served with the 5th King's Own Scottish Borderers at Gallipoli

This following men served with the 5th King's Own Scottish Borderers during WW1. Most of the men listed were part of 'H' Company (Newton Stewart, plus detachments at Creetown, Whithorn, Wigtown and Garlieston). The list was compiled to complement an article published in the Galloway Gazette of 22nd September 2006 regarding a relative's search for information relating to the death of her great-grandfather, James Keith of Whithorn, while serving with the 1/5th KOSB at Gallipoli in 1915.

If you have photos or personal/family information (parents' names, whether married, children, occupation) on any of the following men, then please use the contact form to get in touch.

Surname Given name(s) Residence Rank/Promotion
Agnew John Waugh Newton Stewart Private/Corporal
Agnew, TFEM William Creebridge Sergeant
Arnott Arthur George Whithorn Corporal
Birrell Adam Creetown Colour Sergeant
Birrell Peter John Carsluith/Creetown Private
Bolt William Hawthorne Newton Stewart Private
Boyce John Whithorn Private
Boyd David Alexander Wigtown Private/Lance Corporal
Boyd James Jack Newton Stewart Private
Boyd William Newton Stewart Private
Cain James Alexander Whithorn Transport Sergeant
Clement Thomas Penninghame Private
Died of wounds at sea, 4th January 1916, age 22. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Clement, of 82, Queen St., Newton Stewart.
Cochrane Frank Creetown Private
Cochrane Thomas Creetown Private
Crawford Peter Kirkcowan Private
Curran, MM & MiD William Newton Stewart Private/Sergeant
Diamond, MiD John Penninghame Lance Corporal/Sergeant-Piper
Killed in action, 19th April 1917, age 33. Husband of Jessie Diamond, of 41 Princes St., Newton Stewart.
Dodds Peter Whithorn Private/Corporal
Edgar William Blain Garlieston Private
Edwards William Thomas Wigtown Sergeant
Killed in action, 12th July 1915, age 46. Husband of Margaret Nicholson Edwards, of 18, Harbour Rd., Wigtown.
Ferries Alexander Newton Stewart Private
Findlay Thomas Newton Stewart Corporal/Colour Sergeant
Killed in action, 8th November 1917. No family details known.
Fingland Alexander Sorbie Private/Corporal
Garrick Alexander Whithorn Private
Killed in action (6th KOSB), 3rd May 1917, age 25. Son of the late William Garrick and Jessie Garrick, of 18 King's Rd., Whithorn.
Garrick Peter Whithorn Private
Gibson Alexander Newton Stewart Private
Gibson Robert Newton Stewart Lance Corporal
Gibson Thomas Whithorn Private
Gilbert Robert Young Newton Stewart Private
Killed in action, 12th July 1915, age 17. Son of Mrs. Mary Gilbert, of Creebridge, Newton Stewart.
Gilmour James Wigtown Private
Gordon John Whithorn Private
Griffin William John Newton Stewart Private
Gulline Peter Sorbie Private
Killed in action, 12th July 1915, age 18. Son of Peter Gulline, of Church St., Garlieston.
Hale Edward James Bladnoch Private
Killed in action (with IX Corps Cyclist Bn.), 5th October 1918, age 23. Son of John and Madeline Hale, of Bladnoch, Wigtown.
Hamilton James Newton Stewart Private
Hawthorne Alexander Hill Newton Stewart Private
Hill John A Newton Stewart Private
Keith James Whithorn Private
Killed in action, 12th July 1915, age 24. Son of John and Annie Keith, and husband of Sarah Neil.
Kerr James Wigtown Private
Kerr, MM & C.deG. James William Eric Wigtown Private/Corporal
Kirkpatrick* Thomas Alexander Creetown Private
Latimer James Sorbie Private
Lawrie William C Whithorn Private
Leabody, TFEM William Garlieston Private
Logan James Crawford Creetown Private
Lupton John Kelly Creetown Private
MacKie John Newton Stewart Private
Maginess John Newton Stewart Private
Maginess Walter Newton Stewart Private
Martin, MM Robert Whithorn Private
McAdam Andrew Bladnoch Private/Sergeant
McAllister George S Newton Stewart Private
McBratney Alexander Glasserton Private
McCallie Andrew Whithorn Private/Lance Corporal
McCaskie Thomas Wigtown Corporal
Died, at home, 7th November 1915, age 25. Son of Thomas and Margaret McCaskie, of 22, Agnew Crescent, Wigtown.
McCleary David Blackcraig Private
McCleary John Joseph ? Private
McCleary Peter John Newton Stewart Private
McClymont James Blackcraig Private
McClymont Robert Spiers Blackcraig Private
McConnell, MM Thomas Sorbie Private
McCulloch William Garlieston Private/Sergeant
McDavid William Newton Stewart Private
McDowall Robert B Creetown Corporal
McGaw, TFEM William Bladnoch Sergeant
McGinn Hugh Whithorn Private
McGinn Peter Whithorn Private
McGowan William Newton Stewart Private
Killed in action, 29th May 1918. No family details known.
McGuffie, VC Louis Wigtown Private/Sergeant
Killed in action, 4th October 1918, age 24. Son of Mrs. Catherine McGuffie, of 1, North Main St., Wigtown.
McKeachie Alexander Whithorn Private
Died, 4th August 1915, age 23. Son of Andrew and Margaret McKeachie, of 81, George St., Whithorn.
McKeand Samuel Newton Stewart Private/Sergeant
McKie Herbert Maurice Newton Stewart Private
McLean William Newton Stewart Private/Corporal
McMeekan Alexander Whithorn Private
McMeekan Andrew Whithorn Private
McMillan James Newton Stewart Sergeant
Killed in action, 4th August 1916, age 45. Son of Alexander and Elizabeth McMillan, of Stranraer.
McNaught John Newton Stewart Corporal
Killed in action, 19th April 1917, age 21. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth McNaught, of 21, Arthur St., Newton Stewart.
McNeil James Wigtown Private
Killed in action, 14th July 1915, age 22. Son of Andrew McNeil, of Bladnoch, Wigtown.
NcNeill Alexander Henry Shennanton, Bladnoch Lieutenant/Colonel
McRae, DCM William Newton Stewart Private/Colour Sergeant
McRobert William Whithorn Private/Corporal
Milligan Alexander Palnure Private
Died, 11th November 1915, age 26. Son of John and Agnes Milligan, of Carsenaw Cottage, Newton Stewart.
Murchie Thomas Newton Stewart Private
Killed in action, 19th April 1917, age 24. Son of John and Sarah Murchie, of 44, Queen St., Newton Stewart.
Murdoch Andrew Newton Stewart Private/Colour Sergeant
Killed in action, 19th April 1917. No family details known.
Owen, TFEM Robert Newton Stewart Private/Sergeant
Parker, TFEM James Newton Stewart Sergeant
Parker John Newton Stewart Private/Corporal
Ross Robert Newton Stewart Private/Lance Corporal
Salmond George Creetown 2nd Lieutenant/Captain & Adjutant
Saunders Andrew Whithorn Private
Scott William Newton Stewart Private
Sharpe John Newton Stewart Private
Shennan John Newton Stewart Private/Corporal
Simpson William McCubbin Newton Stewart Private
Smith John Whithorn Private
Killed in action, 12th July 1915. No family details known.
Smith John Minnigaff Private/Corporal
Died of wounds, 20th April 1917, age 22. Son of William and Jessie Lindsay Smith, of Daisyhill, Palnure, Newton Stewart.
Topping John Newton Stewart Private
Watt Peter Garlieston Private/Corporal
Drowned, 16th January 1917, age 24. Son of Marion Watt, of Marvingston, Gifford, Edinburgh.

Except where indicated (* no overseas service), the above men landed with the battalion at Gallipoli on the evening of 6th June 1915.

Family information obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, except for James Keith (personal correspondence).

VC- Victoria Cross; MiD - Mentioned in Dispatches; DCM - Distinguished Conduct Medal; MM - Military Medal; C.deG. - Croix de Guerre (French); TFEM - Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.

A significant amount of the information provided within the 'Residence' column is based on that published in the marvellous "Albanich - A History of the Galloway Rifle Volunteers" by Ian Devlin (published in 1997 by G.C. Books, Wigtown, ISBN 1872350 12 7).