1st and 2nd Battalions, King's Own Scottish Borderers - pre-WW1

Regular battalions

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, regiments of the British Army usually consisted of two active service Regular battalions of full-time, professional soldiers. The battalions were numbered in order of formation, e.g., 1st and 2nd KOSB, and at any given time, one served overseas while the other remained in Britain on home defence duties.

Home and overseas service of 1st and 2nd KOSB (1878 to WW1)

1st KOSB 2nd KOSB
1878 Afghanistan Plymouth
1881 Bengal Ireland (Fermoy)
1885 India (Meerut) Ireland (Dublin)
1888 Burma (Chin & Lushai) Egypt
1889   Sudan
1890   Bengal
1891 Plymouth India (Mian Mir)
1894 York Rawal Pindi
1895   Relief of Chitral; Rawal Pindi
1897 Aldershot Tirah Campaign; Cawnpore
1899 Ireland (Dublin)  
1900 South Africa  
1901   India (Dinapore)
1903 Ireland (Belfast)  
1904   Burma (Maymyo, Mandalay)
1905 Colchester Burma (Maymyo)
1906 Egypt (Cairo, Abassia) Aden
1907   Glasgow
1909 Egypt (Khartoum)  
1910   Ireland (Belfast)
1911 India (Rhaniket, Bareilly)  
1912 India (Lucknow) Ireland (Dublin)
1914 Egypt (Defence of Suez Canal) BEF (Mons, Le Cateau, Aisne, Ypres)
1915 Rugby; Gallipoli Western Front
Colour denotes battle engagements