How you can help

For the last few years I have been gathering information on the two WW1-related family history projects described within this Web site:

The basic background research on the men and women of Dumfries and Galloway whose service during WW1 falls within the scope of these two projects is nearing completion, and so I have decided to ask publicly for assistance in taking these projects to their next stage:

Personal and family details
The contact form should be used to enter the relevant personal and family details of the service men and women. For example:

All submissions will receive a personal reply with my thanks and will contain any information on the service man/woman that I have in my files.

Please indicate on the contact form whether photographs/letters are available and I will reply with the appropriate email details for sending the photo electronically. Alternatively, if the photograph is not available in digital form I will try and arrange for it to be scanned at a convenient, local site.

Photographs and letters
Perhaps the most important aspect of these projects is to find a sufficient number of photographs with which to illustrate the proposed publications. Not only is the number of photographs important, but so too is the quality. Please bear with me and have a look at the technical information below.

For the purposes of publication, images should be supplied at a minimum print resolution of 300dpi (preferably 600 or 1200dpi) in jpeg or tiff format. If supplying via e-mail, the preference is for jpegs because tiff files are usually too large to send. When supplying photographs or disks by post please ensure the items are well protected.

Please remember that the size of the image supplied, e.g., 6in x 4in at 300dpi, determines that it will only print properly at that size or smaller. If that particular image was enlarged to 8in x 6in, the resolution would decrease to 225dpi, which would not then be of a sufficient print quality. Many digital photographs are supplied at 72dpi, which is suitable for Web use, but not for print purposes. For example, a 6in x 4in image supplied at 72dpi could not be used because it would have to be reduced in size to less 1.5in x 1in to be of a sufficient quality for printing.

Keeping to these parameters will enable me to ensure good print quality and help do justice to your relative's memory. Thank you for your attention in this matter.