1/5th KOSB - Order of Battle

The composition of the divisions in which the 5th (Dumfries and Galloway) King's Own Scottish Borderers served during WW1 are given below. It should be noted that this page deals only with the basic formation of the infantry brigades; a division also contained numerous other units, including machine gun companies, trench mortar batteries, divisional troops, divisional artillery, engineer units, field ambulances, the divisional train (Army Service Corps companies) and a veterinary section.

Home Service

The 5th (Dumfries and Galloway) King's Own Scottish Borderers formed part of the Lowland Division, a wholly territorial formation. As a unit within the South Scottish Brigade, the 5th KOSB was assigned to Scottish coastal defence duties, mainly in the Fife and Firth of Forth areas:

Lowland Division

South Scottish Brigade

South Rifle Brigade

Highland Light Infantry Brigade

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

On 11th May 1915 the Lowland Division became the 52nd Division, and the brigades were allocated numbered titles. While the composition of the 155th Brigade remained constant, the other two brigades had undergone some reorganisation over the winter months. The following formation embarked at Liverpool and Devonport and landed at Gallipoli in early June 1915:

52nd (Lowland) Division

155th (South Scottish) Brigade

156th (Scottish Rifles) Brigade

157th (Highland Light Infantry) Brigade

Battles and engagements:

Theatre of War Name of Engagement Date of Engagement
Gallipoli Gully Ravine 28 June-2 July 1915
Achi Baba Nullah 12-13 July 1915
Krithia Nullah 29 December 1915
Evacuation of Helles 7-8 January 1916
Egypt Battle of Romani 4-5 August 1916
Palestine Second Battle of Gaza 17-19 April 1917
Third Battle of Gaza 27 October-7 November 1917
Wadi el Hesi, the Action of El Mughar and Capture of Junction Station 8-14 November 1917
Battle of Nabi Samweil 20-24 November 1917
Battle of Jaffa 21-22 December 1917
Passage of the Auja 21 December 1917

Western Front

The 52nd (Lowland) Division was one of the most consistent formations in WW1; the infantry battalions remained constant throughout the campaign until the infantry brigades of the British Army were reduced to a three-battalion structure in 1918. The 52nd Division left Palestine and moved to France in March 1918. Due to infantry brigade restructuring the 5th KOSB transferred to 103rd Brigade, 34th Division, on 28th June 1918 and remained with this formation until the cessation of hostilities:

34th Division

101st Brigade

102nd Brigade

103rd Brigade

Battles and engagements:

Theatre of War Name of Engagement Date of Engagement
Western Front Battle of the Soissonais and of the Ourcq, including the capture of the Beugneux Ridge 23 July-2 August 1918
Advance in Flanders 18 August-6 September 1918
Battle of Ypres 28 September-2 October 1918
Battle of Courtrai 14-19 October 1918
Action of Ooteghern 25 October 1918
Action of Tieghem 31 October 1918

After the Armistice was declared the 5th (Dumfries and Galloway) King's Own Scottish Borderers transferred to the Lowland Division and became part of the Army of Occupation on the Rhine.